Alligators don’t need Waders

bull alligator bellowin smd 75f28404 Alligators dont need Waders

When a bull gator bellows, he creates 2 tones.  The first is the one we hear.  The one that’s making the water dance is subsonic.  Only male alligators have that double-tone bellow. Other alligators know, because they are hearing two tones, it’s a male who’s bellowing. In the bellow, they rise up out of the water, inhale deeply, and sing out.  One starts, and soon the others follow.  I shot this photo at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park.   The park was established in 1893, and in its current iteration is more a preserve than a park and was never a ‘farm.’  I was two to 10 feet away from these animals and they surprised me with the differences in personality. An unexpected intelligence lurks there.  And I say “lurk” with a reason…

Upcoming Field Trip for Living On Earth

North Knife: A Radio Field Trip to Hudson Bay
with Mark Seth Lender

Something rather out of the ordinary. After considerable behind-the-scenes effort, I’ve been able to arrange for an extended period of fieldwork in Hudson Bay to gather material for my radio essays, recordings, and website video and photography for Living on Earth.

Among the highlights: On foot with polar bears and wolves, and in the water to record beluga whales singing. The in-country portion, about $30,000, has been funded courtesy of Churchill Wild, the premier ecotour company of Hudson Bay and the only people who can put you on the ground with polar bear. I also have almost all the equipment I need. Working now to raise the small balance that remains.

Please have a look at the full project description on Kickstarter:

Comments appreciated. And, if you like the project, I would appreciate your circulating to your mailing lists. Every contribution will help. More than that, this is the way my work is heading and public reaction will tell me what I need to know about both the level of interest, and feasibility.

Best regards,

Mark Seth Lender

Sea Otter: Hungover? Not…

 mg 38741 430x286 Sea Otter:  Hungover?  Not...

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